The Least I Can Do: An Announcement

I know that some of you are going crazy with cabin fever right now (K included) and I feel for you. I can’t imagine how difficult social distancing is for you extroverts and I sympathize as best I can. Even more so, I sympathize with those who are suffering from coronavirus, have family who are suffering, have lost friends and family, have lost jobs or are otherwise faced with sorrow and hardship in addition to the uncertainty we all currently feel.

As a writer, even a largely unknown one, I typically feel empowered. Now, though, I feel nearly entirely powerless. My business has drastically slowed, so I’m providing little practical benefit to the world at large and I do not have the kind of resources to make anything but the smallest of differences to suffering in the world.

It struck me, though, that I do have one way I might be able to make the world a little brighter–by sharing the current draft (as it is) of my novel, Things Unseen. This is the novel I started writing last November for NaNoWriMo in 2019. It’s a little less than half written, but I’m working on it every day while staying at home.

So here’s what I’m going to do: starting tomorrow (April 9th), I’m going to post a chapter to the blog each day until I’ve posted everything currently written. After that, I’ll publish chapters as I finish them.

The text will be in its rough, first-draft form, including notes and asides to myself, references to things I’ve decided to flesh out later and other idiosyncrasies you may find endearing or annoying. And, I’m sure, plenty of mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope that it’ll capture your attention and imagination and will give you some respite from the difficult times we all face together.

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