About Me

I am a thirty-something born and raised in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. After about ten years away–studying at Texas A&M (bachelor’s), the University of Texas at Austin (master’s) and Baylor Law School (law degree)–my wife and I returned home to be close to family and to open a small law firm.

I was raised in the United Methodist Church, where I am active amongst the laity and where my wife is currently on the path of ordination as a deacon. Like many, I spent time away from the church in my teens and college years thinking about what I believed and where I belonged in a faith community. Like many, I was perhaps most disenchanted by the illusion that the action of people within the church necessarily says something about the One on whom the church is founded. Thankfully, that journey at last brought me back home.

I am an aspiring author, both of theology and speculative fiction. In this blog you’ll find my attempts to improve my skill at writing and to develop my voice, as well as comments on thoughts that have influenced or are indicative of my own theology or my perspective as a fiction writer.

I am an expectant father–but not in the classical sense. My wife and I are in the last stages of being licensed for the Texas foster-to-adopt program, and we soon hope to have children in the home that will become our forever family.