My Writing

On this page, you’ll find direct access to some of the pieces I’ve written (mostly for my fantasy setting, “Avar Narn”).

Wilda (Short Story)
A grieving thaumaturge breaches the barrier between worlds to see his lost love one final time.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Wilda

The Siege of Uthcaire (Short Story)
The mercenary captain, Tirasi, and her company, the Valorous Dead, confront enemies on all sides as they seek to bring the city of Uthcaire to heel.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Siege of Uthcaire

Rites of Passage (Short Story)
Two young apprentice thaumaturges learn all too well that their practice may lead to fates worse than death.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Rites of Passage

Kenning (Short Short Story)
A member of one of the many venture companies plying their trade in the West fondly recounts how a fellow earned his nickname.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Kenning

Collections (Short Short Story)
A rogue thaumaturge avoids paying his debts.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Collections

The Poetics of Parting (Short Short Story)
A student of thaumaturgy at the University of Asterfaen finds he must suddenly leave everything behind.
JM Flint – Avar Narn- Poetics of Parting

Blood Over Gold (Short Story)
A shadowman crew in Iliessa determines its next step after a heist.
JM Flint – Avar Narn – Blood Over Gold

Things Unseen, Complete First Draft
This PDF is the complete text of the rough first draft of my novel, Things Unseen. The novel is currently undergoing a complete rewrite.
JM Flint – Things Unseen First Draft Complete