Since K has graduated from seminary (I’m so proud!), we’ve been working on opening our home again for a foster placement. We’ve redone our necessary training, updated our homestudy, and we’re in the process of jumping through the last few hoops to become active again and ready for a placement.

It’s strange to think that it’s been nearly two years (almost to the day) since our first placement. To go from no children to two to none again in a matter of months and then to go for so long without any kids in the house is somewhat surreal. I keep having to remind myself what it’s like to have children to care for–I keep thinking about returning to some old hobbies that I know I’ll have no time for in the near future.

But that’s an easy trade–we’re both so looking forward to being parents again! There just is nothing like it.

With a little luck, we’ll be open for a placement before the end of the month. Once that occurs, anything could happen. We’re sticking with our original placement parameters (licensed for up to three children, but we’ll probably only take two to begin with, ages 0-9 and hopefully a sibling group to keep them from being separated). We’re still open for emergency placement and “legal risk” foster placements, so we could go through several rounds before we get children we are able to adopt.

We’ve made peace with that; our resolve to help children and their families regardless of the outcome for us has only strengthened.

Hopefully, this will not mean that I post to the blog less–after all, I’ll have more to write about. Stay tuned, exciting developments are around the corner!


Today, K and I received word that we have been approved for the foster-to-adopt and adoption processes (we’re not sure which path we’ll end up being led down, but either is open to us). We have another week or so to wait while our file is finally audited and the licensing procedure is complete.

It was five years ago that we started seriously thinking about becoming parents in this way. Almost three years ago when we started an application but stopped because we were told that we could not be approved while I was home-officing and meeting with clients at home. Eight months since we turned in our application for real. And now we’re potentially just a week or two away from becoming parents. The reality of it hasn’t fully sunk in yet, but we’re excited.

Fittingly, it’s also our tenth wedding anniversary this week. Lots to celebrate. And this section of the blog is about to become far more robust!