Call for Topics

I’ve got plenty of topics on my list of posts to write, and a number of things simmering on the back of my mind to become something of substance at some unspecified and future time.

But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t stand to have more. And I love a good challenge.

So in an effort to both be responsive to my readership and to stretch my mind into some topics I might not readily choose for myself, I am putting out this call for topics that any of you would like me to write about. If something I’ve written previously has raised a question for you, you’re wondering about what I might have to say about some topic that hasn’t ever been addressed on this site, or you just want to see what I’ll do with a particular idea or issue, let me know what it is!

Feel free to add a comment to this post or to shoot me an email via the Contact page. If you email, let me know if you want me to name you as the originator of the topic or if you want to remain anonymous.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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